Hey guys!

I wanted to share a small update about this topic. No, I'm not ditching Husky development (at least not yet).

I've had a few personal problems the last few months. I couldn't spend time on the project because I was dealing with stuff at home and in my personal life.

Now that all of those ended, I can concentrate more in Husky. I've been working in adding ACRA (which is working perfectly), and I also have a pending patch from EDSNWRDS (thank you!).

Also, I have plans not related to the code I'll share soon.

Bear in mind that, because we're all humans, we have problems, and personally I'll always put first life, and then the rest of stuff.

Thank you for your understanding :hugs:

I really hate my little profile pic here but only ever think of taking a picture of an actual cheeseburger until after I’ve eaten it

@mike whatever you do never ‘revert back’ for anyone

The political situation in Australia is too unstable for any big sporting events to be held.

I really like the look of this. Haven’t tested it out yet though….

What is Cwtch?
Cwtch (/kʊtʃ/ - a Welsh word roughly translating to “a hug that creates a safe place”) is a decentralized, privacy-preserving, multi-party messaging protocol that can be used to build metadata resistant applications.


Everyone on this planet will catch Omicron in the next 6 months? And things back to normal after that, right?

@daedalus Ah yes! WireGuard into a Pihole or something along those lines. I’ll give that a go myself over one of the next weekends.

@daedalus obviously you need to trust them to not spy on your traffic so read up on who they are first

I’m using ad blocking dns from Mullvad. This work not just for the browser but across everything on the phone. Here’s a good list of different providers:


It’s even showing when starting a new chat. It’s on pretty much every contact in my phone ????

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I assume it’s just WhatsApp finally installing their back door to be able to show me more relevant adds for my own good

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I just had the ‘your security code with XXXXXXXX changed’ notification pop up on all my conversations in WhatsApp all at the same time. I assume that’s weird? Unless I have very busy friends all reinstalling at the same time?

Next Bandcamp Friday is 1 October. Note to self - Don’t forget again!

Earthquake in Melbourne. You heard it here first!!


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