@jaemun 👽⟟⏁⋉⟒👽jaemin nct ya? minta autographnya hyung :blobstickwhite: :blobstickwhite: :blobstickwhite:

@nakyung yes you can just click on edit profile 😊

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@Gargron eugen. just please i don't know anything about code blabla i just want to roleplay happily because twitter sucks. :cate: :angery: :cwy: :cwy: :cwy: :cwy: :cwy: :cwy:

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@Gargron I'm quite confused since the owner post on blue bird app said that this app storing password in plaintext ... I mean, it almost impossible since it's easy to get attack yet you give us the Security details in the documentation.


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@Gargron I am quite surprised at first, but eventhough this announcement can make us be relieved could you please ensure us to be able to enjoy this platform? Thanks for the explanation!

@winteur yes you can just click 3 lines icon in the right cornet

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