@Main_Tomato @quad @igeljaeger which I never implied we should do. I'll phrase something like more carefully next time. To be clear: Im against blocking anybody if it isnt because of spam etc.

@igeljaeger @igeljaeger @Main_Tomato @quad The whole point of the fediverse (in my opinion) is “my instance, my rules” (corollary: my app, my rules). The fediverse doesn’t mean everyone plays by the same rules. People who want to block gab preemptively are as legit on the fediverse as those who block nobody and those who only block for reasons X, Y, or Z. People should use instances whose rules they align with. Simple as that.


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Agreed, the fediverse is 100% working as intended. The only principles the fediverse is based on is decentralization and freedom of choice. It is not about unfettered access to a sizable platform.

If you don't like how the network of instances you are part of operate, then you move to a different one that aligns with your principles, or start your own.

It's those same principles that empowers Gab to be on the fediverse in the first place.

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