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Why You Don't Own Your Tech: Companies abuse copyright law to lock you out of your devices, and give themselves a monopoly on repair and customization

So, I've imported ~25Gb of music from the Free Music Archive on using this method.

It worked beautifully, and it's now available for the whole #Funkwhale federation. Follow this library from your Funkwhale instance and you'll have access to it:

You can also visit directly to listen to all this new content! (you don't need an account ;)

To the Tumblr refugees: welcome!

Having been on the Internet for over thirty years, I have one piece of advice for creative folks working online:

Control Your Platform.

Don't build a business around Facebook, Tumbler, G+, Geocities, MySpace, AltaVista, or any of these other third parties that claim to offer quick and easy results.

They all go away. Every one of them.

Build your own site. Use third parties to steer people to your site.

Third parties are the devil--useful devils, but devils.

It's 2018 and this municipality needs to explain internet users how to browse a website without using Google.

The ticking #PHP timebomb. 62% of all websites still runs PHP 5.X version. "These branches are now EOL, are insanely popular, and are unsupported --the perfect conditions of plentiful targets with bad security that draw in attackers."
#Infosec #Security

Well, I suppose I should be grateful it took me this long into my career before I had to deal with Visual Basic.

I haven't tried using KDE in 15 years. Thinking about checking in and see how it's holding up.

Chrome 69 will keep Google Cookies when you tell it to delete all cookies

(submitted by jwildeboer)

Ah, there's an English version.

tl;dr: Swiss tax app stores all data (including plaintext passwords) in public AWS bucket, dismisses researcher and national CERT as a hoax. WTF??


Like a lot of things, there is almost certainly some variation in aptitude and inclination, even more so in opportunity. Then there's using the term "incompetence" to describe something one hasn't acquired skill to do: It might be denotively strictly true, but has way too much of a perjorative connotation.

But, yes, programming is work. Learning to program is work. There's dignity in it to be recognized and respected.

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