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If you're angry about being banned from & , being removed from google play store, and Apple likely to do the same...
... don't bring that racist shit around the fediverse, we don't want it here either. :fuck_face:

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Stay secure online, you should be using :
:protonmail: :signal: :zec: :tor: :linux: :duckduckgo:

Very disappointing to see some of those names on the anti-cryptocurrency letter; particularly Bruce Schneier and @doctorow

BuT mUh CaPitOLiZm iz fReE mArKUt, aLwAyZ mOar EfiShUnt

The government of the united states of america no longer functions.

Ted Cruz: "Ultimately, as we all know, what stops armed bad guys is armed good guys"

Except they didn't Ted, they stood around doing crowd control like the cowards they are while children were being killed.

The overwhelming majority of people in the United States want common-sense gun control, yet for some reason elected leaders lack the will to actually do it. The government of the United States no longer functions.

"Star Trek Jellico is filmed before a live studio audience"

This right here, the "potluck of ideas". Nazis NOT welcome!

Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body.

If you're a Republican/conservative that's fine, but if you are still a fan of this piece of shit, then you're just as shitty as he is.

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