Zoom intentionally obscures this information, but you don't need to install their proprietary app to join a Zoom meeting. They have a browser client that you can use instead.


You'll be prompted for meeting password, and off you go. Supports video and screen sharing in Firefox and Chrome.

You don't need to install their app!

I write about why "unlimited" mobile data plans restrict hotspot/tethering data, and how one might "avoid" this limit using an Android app called VPN Hotspot.



Joe Biden died a couple of years ago. The DNC leadership stretched his skin over a robot powered by machine learning algorithms which were trained on old Joe Biden speeches.

Extended maintenance ended for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin in April last year. COVID-19 spread from unpatched Pangolins.

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"Plausible Deniability and Gaslighting in Fighting Ad Blockers"

Buckle up, I wrote ~3000 words on what I think is happening WRT Google's changes in Chrome with extensions.

TIL that if you miss a signature-required delivery, you can drive around the neighborhood chasing down mail trucks (I found four within a mile radius) and asking after your package. When you find the right truck, they will politely hand it to you.

Empathy for a stranger on ceph-users mailing list...

"Please remember me the commands: I've been 3 days without sleep, and I don't wanna to broke it more."


Watching my cluster re-balance itself in real-time after bringing a troubled node back online.

Annotated panes clockwise from left:

- `watch -n 5 ceph osd df tree`
Overview of space usage by host and OSD. (ceph02 has less data than the others but rising)

- `watch -n 5 ceph status`
Overview of cluster health and acitvity

- `dstat -cdn -D "sda,[etc.]"`
Real-time disk activity on ceph02

- `tail -f ceph-mon.r1c13u40-ceph01.log`
Live tail of active monitor daemon


None of my projects will ever be as cool as this man building a 74 foot sailing ship in his front yard.

TIL not to wake up girlfriend with a mental math problem

, I'm here to tinker.
Profesionally, I build infrastructure with , , , and others in the ecosystem. has turned me on to static and building UIs. I also enjoy writing . I feel at home on but also admire for its approach.

In real life I like , , / , and . Outside I like (both and ), , , .

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