It deeply bothers me that some of the Mastodon instances seem to advertising blocking whole other instances with glee, rubbing their hands together with anticipation.  "We found them, we found another of the Bad Ones!"

@maiyannah Fair point. Best to use instances that are most accepting to others. Plus, because Mastodon is small enough right now, widespread harassment and hate speech are likely to be small problems right now. Plus, with the arsenal of blocking tools in Mastodon, it's not an unethical decision to leave blocking up to the user.

@cmk Admin/instance-level stuff should be kept to stuff to protect the network or legal matters IMO.  Content descisions should be left to the users, unless its clear that a user or users are being disruptive.

@maiyannah Right. If a whole instance is being notorious, block them, but no reason to block instances that are perfectly harmless or mostly harmless

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@cmk I find it hard to find the entire userbase of some of these instances are bad.  Some of them have 10k+ users.  They're being blocked for a few bad actors - often without people even trying to contact the admins.
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