followbots are actively ruining the things that make Mastodon good.

followbots force federation without oversight, and due to that have already repeatedly lead to marginalized groups being harassed by instances they want nothing to do with.

imo any instance that runs followbots should be blacklisted until they stop using followbots.

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The difficulty with federation is you have to account for the federation policies all the way out the tree, not just the ones you immediately federate with.

server A federates only with server B.
B federates with C, D, F.
F "federates with everything."
whoops, Z is a bunch of nazis, and F just federated with them.

Congratulations, server A is federated with the nazis on server Z.

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@pup Not really. Federation is direct. So this means I can filter out the Nazi's. And it's not a big deal.

@pup Stuff originating from them will always be filtered as well in boosts and such, since the originator is kept track of.

@pup I'm very proactive in filtering hateful instances; there don't seem to be too many, luckily.


@Elizafox @pup Mastodon is small enough at the moment that it doesn't appear to much of a problem.

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