So is it best to just block all followbots? I don't fully understand the issue, except for forcing federation, which may enable harassment (which is a big deal!).

What do you all think?

I will definitely block if everyone doing so would be helpful for the instance. Just not sure if it prevents the problem because a lot of the behaviors of these federations are new to me.

@cooler_ranch I don't think you need to block the follow bots necessarily, but if you add to your bio, then no more should follow you.

@cmk hm. I added the nobot hashtag about 30-45m ago and got another follow bot on me in the last 2m.

Perhaps it will take a little bit for my changes to propagate through.

Thanks for weighing in on the blocking practices. This is helpful to me.


@cooler_ranch Honestly, it could be that the bot doesn't obey the tag. In that case, I'd message the owner, but up to you. Yeah np, I'm still learning about this network too and the process is fun

@cmk I think I will wait until tomorrow and see if any more follow.

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