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A pride of lions.
A murder of crows.
A federation of nerds.

@nolan @kimmie using the mobile app atm actually. Background notifications wound be cool though if they have time to implement

@[email protected] You have no idea how much this means to me 😢😂

@dredmorbius Impressive for an upstart social network. Will see how long it lasts

@cooler_ranch Honestly, it could be that the bot doesn't obey the tag. In that case, I'd message the owner, but up to you. Yeah np, I'm still learning about this network too and the process is fun

@[email protected] @katje @Jamjars @mallaidh Fair point. It does help when more instances are federated with one another, and the followbots don't seem be doing any harm... _yet_. If you don't want any more to follow you, you can add to your bio.

@cooler_ranch I don't think you need to block the follow bots necessarily, but if you add to your bio, then no more should follow you.

@alpha1beta You can pick any instance you want to join, some of them are themed like or Also the 500 character limit makes messages like this one possible

@Elizafox @pup Mastodon is small enough at the moment that it doesn't appear to much of a problem.

@pup Also does this mean that Servers A, B, C, D, and F all have to block server Z by themselves now?
In that case, yeah followbots would suck grandly

@pup Wait, does this actually happen? How does the federation process work? Is it automatic as you say?

@maiyannah Right. If a whole instance is being notorious, block them, but no reason to block instances that are perfectly harmless or mostly harmless

@maiyannah Fair point. Best to use instances that are most accepting to others. Plus, because Mastodon is small enough right now, widespread harassment and hate speech are likely to be small problems right now. Plus, with the arsenal of blocking tools in Mastodon, it's not an unethical decision to leave blocking up to the user.

@scriptjunkie Haha tested html earlier. Didn't work, but probably a good thing, to avoid you know, like XSS attacks.

@[email protected] That's true, but it appears that if your instance doesn't federate to my instance, we're then immediately invisible to each other. For example, I can't follow anyone on, but you can because you're on
Which now that I think about, raises another point. If someone on responds to our conversation, will you be able to see the toot, but I won't? That sounds like it could lead to confusion quickly.

@[email protected] Sure, so just join instances that federate with many other instances

@[email protected] @dredmorbius Is it now? It seems to be pretty okay. The mobile experience is great when pinned to the home screen. The only major problem I run into is underpowered instances with slow response times.

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