So... what's 's "official" tool to get a graphical boot with a nice password prompt for luks devices?

And what's using?

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I'm tired of seeing a mostly empty black screen when booting , but Plymouth is in AUR, and I don't want to depend on AUR for something as critical as, you know, booting the system!

The network needs some form of distributed consensus, but it's not a blockchain.

Could someone please ELI5 how it works, and particularly how it avoids being subverted by a single actor who owns many IPs?


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I just tried the Keyboard Configurator on my Lemur Pro, and it's fantastic.

It stores the customized config at the firmware level, so it works with any operating system, and even in GRUB.

Thank you, @system76

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I now use the latest nvmutil, to set *random* MAC addresses on every laptop I sell!

I sell ThinkPads with coreboot and Debian Linux on my store:

Coreboot replaces proprietary BIOS/UEFI boot firmware giving you more secure control of your boot experience.

I wrote nvmutil myself, recently, to replace an older tool that I wrote before. One of its main benefits is that it can set random MAC addresses, hardcoded in the flash. This is the "default" MAC address, for your NIC.

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If you have to compile C++ code, do it on a desktop with lots of fast cores. Keep in mind that modern Intel CPUs come with two kinds of cores: P (performance) and E (efficient, but slower).

My Lemur Pro has 10 cores, but only two of them are P 😅

The older Thinkpad X1 had a 10th generation Intel CPU with 6 cores (12 threads), but they're evidently much slower, at least when compiling LLVM.

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Unsurprisingly, the desktop outperformed both my lightweight laptops by a good measure.

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Meanwhile, my benchmark results are ready to analyze:

It's a compute benchmark between 3 Linux machines:

Lemur Pro i7-1255U
Pop!_OS 22.04

Giskard, my old laptop
Thinkpad X1G7 i7-10710U
Fedora 36

Goreboot, a mid-end desktop
MSI Z690-A DDR5 i7-12700F
Radeon RX Vega 64
Arch Linux, btw

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