@mishari @veer66 What's the best way to buy Lenovo laptops in Thailand?

This is what I'd want:

Also, are there any corporate discounts, coupons, etc? The ones I know work only for the US site.

I barely survived this thing, and all I got was this lousy certificate of "*basic* dirt course"??!

Fine. Sign me up for the advanced course!! 🤬

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So far not even a bruise... but very tired and dehydrated 🥵

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Checking in for the dirt bike course...
This place is huge, and there are only 3 other students besides me.

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Tomorrow I'm taking a course of "safety" riding on this circuit (and I started riding motorbikes only 2 weeks ago 😰)

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First time I actually look cool in a photo ID 😉

‘To be amazed’ in Japanese is... “?? wo maku.” (roll my...)


is catching up to the features that users love on WhatsApp, Telegram and LINE.

Here in , no new cases were found for 10 consecutive days 🙏

@mishari @veer66 I'm not quite sure if there are any travel restrictions from/to Bangkok.

Bahrain was doing better than the US. Then, on Jan 17th they plateaued. Did they run out of doses? @srevinsaju

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Today I was curious how vaccinations are progressing in the world, and I found this tracker:

Israel is currently leading with almost 40% of the population already vaccinated (does this include Palestians?)

The US is far behind, with only 5% of the population, followed by my homeland with a mere 2%.

And why isn't the rest of the world moving yet?

Complete rewrite of ownCloud to move away from LAMP

@srevinsaju, what do you think of this?

's "first class support for Wayland" is quite underwhelming: the session crashed within the first 5 minutes of testing, and then I realized that I couldn't even logout because the logout function doesn't work. I can kill kwin with ctrl-alt-backspace, but it restarts!

Well, I guess I could start reporting bugs instead of bitching here... 😒

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American high schools are _still_ mandating graphing calculators? In 2020? So anachronistic!

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The 8-bit Guy explores pocket computers of the 80's.

I had one of those, and I was using it to code silly videogames during class 😍


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