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Further than that. I can understand the lack of interest many people has on this kind of tech but denying the fact Bitcoin devs have great ideas is kind of stupid.

I'm teaching to people with 30 years of experience in software and they still are amazed by what they find in class.

That's because this shit is fucking cool.

As hackers/engineers its our responsibility to learn from things.
Choosing where do you learn from is your choice, but saying this *is not interesting* is quite irresponsible

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I want to remark the fact that I'm not a Bitcoin user.

I don't give a shit about money (in general). I'm not into business opportunities or stuff like that. That's not my work.

I'm interested on how someone (aliens, a dog, CIA, whoever it is) called Satoshi Nakamoto solved the problem of decentralized consensus and how the highly skilled Bitcoin developers solve the new problems they face.

It's really interesting. And I'm a R&D Engineer, what did you expect from me?

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I studied Bitcoin "deeply" for the blockchain course they asked me to teach.

As I'm not into the craptocoin shit, my objective was to teach Bitcoin more than anything else. (bitcoin not blockchain)

But I need to talk a bit about Ethereum, right? Just because it exists... So... with the Bitcoin knowledge I have I was able to understand the (detailed) big picture of Ethereum in 20 minutes.

Teaching Bitcoin deeply was a great choice.

Another great condiment for rice and mochi is a seaweed paste called ใ”ใฏใ‚“ใงใ™ใ‚ˆ (gohan desuyo -> literally "it's rice!", but also "lunch is ready!").

I got hungry around midnight, so I roasted three blocks of mochi in the fish oven and dipped them in soy sauce. Simple and delicious.

My teacher also illustrated four variations of imperative, including a more feminine one (tabenasai ~= eat, won't you?), and a very masculine one (tabero ~= eat, dammit!!), often used by bad guys in anime.

Yesterday's conversation with my Japanese teacher revolved around the mobile market and business models.

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Hey, I'm Ignacio. I'm from Uruguay, sometimes I introduce myself as a programmer :)

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Just ordered two of those for my private collection :)

The 8-Bit Guy has some of the dorkiest t-shirts I've ever seen for sale:

@i5o, welcome to Mastodon! You can send a self-introduction with the hashtag to make new friends.

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