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The weirdest plane in history made it to space... and this time it didn't crash!

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Fediverse as of 2018-08-24.

7 788 instances with 1 303 382 connections.

Let's look at the different clusters. They aren't clearly separated, but still visible.

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@aurelienpierre @hyde_stevenson @mmarif btw, anyone knows what's the state of HDR10 support in kernel / mesa / wayland / xorg / desktops?

@kai Got it for just ยฅ9500. It was probably mispriced on 'cause a few days later the price jumped to ยฅ13500.

Also bought an "awesome" gaming chair to complement my lame gaming PC.

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Feedback Wanted: We moved the timeline menu from the sidebar to the nav and moved the search to an icon with a dropdown.

Do you think this UI change is appropriate?

Boosts appreciated! #pixelfed #pixeldev
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@codewiz @tootbrute OH GOD YES IT'S SO TERRIBLE but I'm an anthropologist who studies Japan so there is NO ESCAPE.

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@codewiz agreed. That's the only reason I'm keeping it right now. I already deleted Facebook but can't delete LINE.

Why do so many people in Japan, Taiwan and Korea use LINE?

Ok, the stickers are very cute, but it has no reasonable web interface and no reasonable way to transfer the chat history between phones.

I also bought a new chair to exclude any other possibilities! ๐Ÿคฃ

lI finally flashed my Model01 with the latest firmware built from source... byt I;m still not bveru good tyouuing on ti!! ๐Ÿ˜…

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