Do not use btrfs; it's pure shit.

Today I was hit by this 2014 issue with my 2018 kernel and userland:

Suddenly, I started getting ENOSPC errors in the middle of a package upgrade, and the system became unbootable.

df reported the partition 68% full, and btrfsck didn't find any issues. It took me *hours* to discover 'btrfs filesystem balance' and convince it to work on a full filesystem.

This isn't even the first time I have to recover a btrfs partition. Enough.

Don't get me wrong: bugs are understandable, but this behavior was well known and documented since 2014, and occurs for workloads as simple as a 20GB partition containing an arch linux desktop install (minus the home).

If the btrfs devs think that this behavior is even remotely acceptable for a Linux filesystem, I don't even want to test their code any more.

Btrfs has been around for a decade now, and it's *still* not production ready even for such a basic workload.

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