@codewiz since you told me about Terminator I never looked back. :awesome:

@martasd @codewiz Terminator is great, I used it for many years. Meanwhile I use Tilix, quite similar but more Gnome3-like... I can recommend to have a look at it as well, especially if you use Gnome3.

@bjoern @martasd Tilix is written in D... wow. I'll give it a try.

@bjoern @codewiz Thanks for the tip! It has much better integration with GNOME indeed. It seems to support all the features I like about Terminator. :awesome:

@bjoern @codewiz With Tilix, the Vim colors get more interesting and surprisingly more pink. Other than that, Tilix has more features than Terminator. Very nice and useful project!

@martasd @bjoern I switched to Tilix on my Arch desktop and I'm pretty happy with it.
Tilix being written in D is no longer a deal breaker for me: GCC merged the D frontend and gtkd appears to be well maintained.

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