Also bought an "awesome" gaming chair to complement my lame gaming PC.

@kai Got it for just 楼9500. It was probably mispriced on 'cause a few days later the price jumped to 楼13500.

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@codewiz nice. I returned a Mac mini and a NUC. I'm building my own system around my favorite sound card, but I'm going to take my sweet time selecting components after all this craziness.

@kai Besides all the cheesy gamer stuff, the ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E is reasonably priced and works well on Linux. Unless you're waiting to see what the next AMD processors look like...

@codewiz I'm probably going to get another ASRock. It's true I could just keep waiting for the next generation but I feel like at some point you have to jump. This is the last year on Windows 7 so I feel like it's as good a time as any.

@codewiz I try to be slow to change so that I can focus on my work and not on the machine 馃構 and it turned out to be for good reason, since Windows 10 doesn't seem perfectly compatible with my mainboard; the only symptoms being that neither my PCI nor PCI Express sound cards work properly, and I'm the only person with this problem.


@kai Are you a musician, Kaito?

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@kai ohhh! I never thought of asking... what genre(s)? Do you play an instrument? compose music? both?

@codewiz I'm a composer 馃槉 but um no one pays me to do it and I don't do it very much. I just feel like what little I do is the only thing worth doing.

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