Also bought an "awesome" gaming chair to complement my lame gaming PC.

@mmarif @hyde_stevenson It's the BenQ EX3501R. Even though it's made nearby in Taiwan, it was cheaper to order it in the US, including air shipping and import taxes 😕

I have BenQ ew2770qz and its one of the best monitor in terms of colours. BenQ always have top notch displays.

@mmarif @codewiz i'm looking to get rid off my iMac 27 that I'm using mainly for lightroom but since #darktable is way faster now I want to use only my Linux box and was looking for a big display good for photography

@hyde_stevenson @mmarif @codewiz stay on Mac for darktable. Linux color management is a mess. Mac is the only properly color-managed OS.

@aurelienpierre @mmarif @codewiz on Linux I know it's not ideal but I'll test before selling it

@hyde_stevenson @mmarif @codewiz it's less than not ideal, nobody knows what's going on with the color pipe on Linux. You could end up with double ups (color profiles applied twice, app-side and OS-side) without even knowing it because there is no diagnostic tool and pixel buffers have no tags to flag color-corrected pixels buffers.

@aurelienpierre @hyde_stevenson @mmarif btw, anyone knows what's the state of HDR10 support in kernel / mesa / wayland / xorg / desktops?

@codewiz @hyde_stevenson @mmarif it depends on your GPU driver. GTK/Cairo does have an experimental support but nobody is using it in prod as far as I know. So it's pretty much idle/aborted.

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