@espectalll It always hurts me when I see macOS' bash version. 3.2.48? That's almost 10 years old.

@hirnbrot have you seen which macOS version is that?

That said, I don't think they changed it much

@espectalll They haven't changed it still, and they won't change it because tht was the last GPLv2 bash version.

Apple is allergic to GPLv3, but they don't care enough to pick a different shell (or make their own), so it's gonna stay like this.


@hirnbrot @espectalll I thought MacOS came with zsh too?

But anyway, if you want a good shell environment, you must install dozens of packages with one of the many open source ports collections for MacOS.

At that point, it's easier to just use Linux; pretty much any Linux distro will give you a Just Works shell experience out of the box.

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