As trip to Vietnam is not complete without visiting the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City...

"Americans harshly criticized the museum for its propaganda and glorification of their victory..."

Hmm, now I'm curious. So far, Vietnam has been surprisingly free of propaganda posters typical of other socialist countries I visited. Or perhaps it's just more subtle and I didn't notice?

@codewiz it might depend on the Americans as well.

I met some American tourists in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum that were upset at all the anti-American propaganda. Which is not how I would have described that experience.

America loves to glorify it's wars and does't take kindly to the opposing view, in my experience.

@allan I haven't seen any anti-American propaganda in the Hiroshima Peace Park either... Unless "war is horrible" could be interpreted as anti-American.

@allan Ok, to be fair, there *is* some propaganda in this museum...


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