@martasd Which one? Here, I photographed the menu so I wouldn't forget the names: mstdn.io/@codewiz/101346688248


@martasd Ah, that was my pick! It's Bún mắm. It came with a "strong flavor" warning in the menu (but I took it as a challenge 😎)


@martasd The ham-like slices? I don't know what it's made of, but it tastes great in Bánh mì 😋
@dragfyre, could you ask next time you go to An's?

@codewiz @martasd It's supposed to be like chả, or Vietnamese sausage, which is usually made of pork. The veg*n version is made of tofu. In fact, basically all the fake meats you'll find in Vietnam are just different kinds of tofu, prepared and cooked in different ways.

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