I had heard that the Sinclair ZX80 wasn't great, but I would have never guessed it was *this* bad.

@codewiz It is built to be cheap in all aspects. But, because the CPU is totally controlling the display you can actually do things that other computers was unable to do, like real interlace or fully dynamic resolutions. I have a friend who managed to trick it to display colors, but it sadly only worked on some TVs.

@bjonte Yeah, near the end of the video it shows some pretty cool demo effects.

@bjonte Of all those, only VBAR8 has a video capture on YT...

@codewiz Bad apple also has YT video. 3-lace can’t be emulated and has ko video.

@codewiz I think only 3-lace lacks YT video because it can’t be emulated yet.

@codewiz You're mistaking "doesn't have many features" for "bad" there my friend.

With strong constraints comes the need for innovation ...

It's a bit like teaching a pig to sing - don't worry that it's a terrible singer, marvel instead that it can sing *at all* ...

@jim Yes, as the 8bit Guy says, some of those cost saving ideas were truly brilliant...

But then I wonder how those bright engineers came up with the not-so-bright idea of using identical audio jacks for the power supply and the tape I/O right besides it 😂😂😂

@codewiz @codewiz The bright bit was "saving money on construction" 🙂 I owned one for years; you just never unplugged the power connector, and switched it off at the wall instead.
Because that's a UK thing - *all* electrical sockets have an independent switch on the wall.

@jim Those british plugs always looked *monstrous* to me... Until I went to South Africa! 😂

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