Food delivery in Japan never finishes surprising me. Every detail is perfect like in the picture on the menu.

@hashtagsecurity When foreigners come to Japan, all they want to eat is sushi, but Japanese cuisine has a lot more to offer. I love lotus, taro salad, those weird pickled root veggies (tsukemono):

I doubt it's gonna look this good when it arrives in Germany 😅 gonna have to come back to it when I finally manage to go to japan.

My personal favorite so far have been yaki udon and yaki soba, both with meat and vegetarian variants are amazing 🤤

@hashtagsecurity Last Friday at work there was a do-it-yourself tantan-men station, and this was my first attempt (the small square bowl on the right).

I've never heard of enzyme rice before, looks interesting.

That pamphlet on it makes me want to research rice more to see which and how many chemicals we're ingesting from rice. 😬

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