I've been unable to study Japanese every day... :blobsad:

At this rate, I'm definitely going to fail JLPT N3 this summer πŸ˜”

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But I could easily take N4 and get a good grade πŸ˜πŸ’―

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So, what shall I do? Certain failure or waste of time? πŸ€”

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@codewiz what are the consequences of "certain failure"?

@kai None. Except, maybe... total soul crush :blobsad:

@codewiz then take your time studying and take it at a later date

@kai Living as an illiterate adult is... humiliating 😞

For example, yesterday I had to ask my friends to help me fill-in the forms for paying the utility bills by bank.

@kai I am, just a bit too slowly, it seems...

@kai It seems that hoping to pass one JLPT level every 6 months was highly unreasonable, given the estimated number of study hours.


@kai Not only I'm in the right column (no prior kanji knowledge), I've always been slower than my schoolmates at memorizing boring stuff such as historic dates, names of capitals, definitions... And memorizing 2000 kanji is by far the most boring thing I've ever attempted doing πŸ˜…

@codewiz I am trying to learn 800 Chinese characters, but I'm taking my sweet time πŸ˜‹

@kai Is there something similar to Wanikani for simplified Chinese?

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