@Gargron @angristan How are search results sorted in the web interface?

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@angristan @Gargron Looks liek the output is limited to 5 results server-side. That's why I can't find the recent toot I was looking for! 🤦

@angristan @Gargron I tried /api/v1/search and it's also limited to 5 random results... Is my only remaining option exporting the entire corpus so I can grep it locally? 🤔

@codewiz @Gargron yes it's limited to 5 toots you interacted with

@angristan @Gargron All right, I found the toot I wanted in outbox.json of the exported bundle, but it costed you 352MB of egress data 😃

@angristan @Gargron Yes, and I only remembered that it contained either "Taiwan" or "Taipei".

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