@kai The first brew wasn't bad, but closer to Italian home-brew coffee than true espresso. Perhaps because I used pre-ground Lavazza coffee, which usually goes in the moka pot... That's all I had handy.

I'll report back after buying a hand grinder, proper beans and a thermometer (the instructions say that the water must be *exactly* 80°C!)

@codewiz haha, yes, all of these variables matter, including the speed that you operate the press! 😅

some people even roast their own beans in a bowl with a heat gun

the sky is the limit…

@kai Brewing coffee is the sort of multi-dimensional optimization problem that engineers love! :thinking_coffee:

But I'm a senior engineer, so I'm not going to play this game: you can't possibly win when you can't reliably measure the outcome, and there's no objective way to define the goal! 😉

Truth is, we're just addicts pretending to be chasing the magical exotic taste; when there's no other choice, we'd be glad to get our caffeine fix brewed in a dirty sock... or even Nescafe! 😱

@kai I think we can exclude the beans: it says everywhere that espresso and moka need the same grind size, and can use any blend and roasting level you like.

@codewiz you sound like Kristi Coulter talking about wine 😋

@codewiz @kai Funny enough, the Thai milk coffee brewed in a dirty sock filter is amazing

@chebra @kai Thai coffee is delicious no matter what :-)

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