Returning to my hostel after a good hike. Tonight the owner is taking guests to a nearby onsen, the Ideal way to conclude a great day ♨️

...except, I couldn't find anywhere to eat dinner, vegetarian or otherwise... Even the gift shop was closed after 6pm 😰
I guess I can have some milk at the onsen, maybe?

@codewiz have you changed your camera? Amazing photos.

@benoit Still using a OnePlus 6, but for panoramas I used the hacked GCam apk.

@codewiz wow GCam sure does the job... I should try it too.

@angristan @benoit Stock OnePlus camera app, but I often use Photos for cropping and color correction. Often the auto adjust does a good job, except when it reduces the "skin color" of sakura flowers :-)

@angristan @benoit 😊 This weekend I was with a friend who is actually into photography, so I got a lot of good advice: "this angle is too aggressive", "cut off this line near the side, it's unnecessary and distracting", "Bernie, this photo is just descriptive!", "frame the lake inside the torii"... And also, I shoot maybe 100 photos on a good day and delete 90% of them! 😄

@angristan @benoit Descriptive photo versus "dramatic angle" with some vignetting to avoid attracting the eye towards the vanishing point of the horizontal lines behind. I think used nightscape in both shots, and in the shot pointing up I used a hand to block the glare of the light on the lens.

@codewiz @benoit that's very impressive! I keep telling people that the camera is not the most important part of taking a photo, and this is a very good example!

I'm probably using a ton of storage on with all these photos and videos, @angristan! Let me know when I should upgrade to Mastodon Pro!

@codewiz @benoit they blocked my account 3 times already for no valid reason. I haven't heard for their customer support in 2 months. Brave is dead to me.

@benoit @angristan Brave has a clever business model, but I don't feel very comfortable using it because the founder and current CEO, Brendan Eich, sponsored anti-gay campaigns... and he also created JavaScript 😜

@codewiz I like to keep the glare when I have glare :o
Like here.

(And it would be impossible to block it).

@benoit Nice!
But the sun glare on my phone's lens looks more like this ugly stripe here:

@codewiz OK I see.

That was not a phone for me but my hybrid camera (Panasonic GX9). I have a lens hood but some flare still bypass it... But I like the effect so I keep it.

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