@molety They told me that I can take a train from Nagiso in the afternoon. This is my tentative plan (if we arrive in time):

@codewiz I got it! If the plan is changed, let me know again.😄

@molety 了解! ( ̄^ ̄ )ゞ

@molety I got on the next bus, but I'll take the limited express train which arrives in 名古屋駅 at 17:01. Can we meet somewhere near the station?

@codewiz Yeah, I'll be able to go to Nagoya station at that time. Where will we meet? Near the ticket gates of Shinkansen?

@codewiz !?!?!? Will you get on the Shinkansen at 17:12 ???

@molety No, i can take one later! 😄
Shall we meet by the Shinkansen ticket machines?

@codewiz Uhh... ticket machines are at several places... nearest the gates one, OK? 改札に一番近いticket machineでいいですか?

@codewiz I've got on the Meitetsu train. I'll reach at Nagoya station at around 17:00.

@codewiz 英語めちゃくちゃ

@molety いいえ, it was very clear! But my train is a few minutes late, sorry.

@codewiz Thanks! I've arrived at Nagoya just now, 私も改札に着くのにもう少しかかります。

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