@kai HA! I told my friends something along that line, but they told me I was... kind of... unique for thinking this stuff up!
I'll make sure to let them know that I'm no longer unique.

@codewiz I mean, I get that people lived this way for many years…

@kai ...and got chronic lung disease for many years 😂

In the Himalayan village of Kyanjin Gompa, they told me that people get cateracts earlier due to smoke indoors and intense ultraviolet outdoors 😬

@codewiz yikes.

I used to read outside and my mom would tell me that I'll ruin my eyes. Maybe she was right.

@kai I wonder how much stray UV you get from the paper?

But well, thanks to sunlight exposure, you also got more vitamin D, which might be good for eyes too 😎

(I said *might* because way too many vitamins seem to be good for eyes... all vitamin advice should be taken with a high dose of skepticism... twice a day before meals).

@kai @ilwoody Figured out what the iron fish thing was for:

"[...] equipped with an adjustable pothook – called a jizaikagi (自在鉤) and generally consisting of an iron rod within a bamboo tube – used for raising or lowering a suspended pot or kettle by means of an attached lever which is often decoratively designed in the shape of a fish."

Courtesy of Wikipedia: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irori

@codewiz oh really? just a lever decoration XD guess what, I was expecting something more spiritual .. but nice to know :) no strange fish spirit with a traditional story here

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