Google and Facebook are *advertising* businesses.

Apple is not *as* bad because they have a different business model: planned-obsolescence.

@wolftune still... very little to admire about any of them.

@lightweight @wolftune Ads are annoying, but is advertising inherently bad?

TV, radio and magazines have always been supported by advertisement, I don't see why the web shouldn't, especially when nobody can figure out an alternative economic model that would work for most websites.

@codewiz @lightweight

Ads are far more than annoying. Name any ill in our modern world that wasn't an issue thousands of years ago, and I can probably tie it to *dependency* on advertising (especially when you consider that political campaigns are driven by ads).


@wolftune @lightweight I know ads are annoying, that's why we have uBlock Origin 😂

@codewiz @lightweight

Yes, and Google is updating Chrome and Chromium to make uBlock Origin stop working

@wolftune @lightweight Yeah, I heard the news and I hope it doesn't happen... but if it does happen, users still have the freedom to fork Chromium or switch to Firefox. Which I would certainly do.

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