Valve hires KWin core developer Roman Gilg for gaming-related XServer and KWin improvements. Roman seems to have a ton of cool projects in the pipeline, and this makes me happy.

@codewiz I'm really glad there's work now to improve KWin's compositing because it has... issues. A responsive, microstutter-free compositor would be like a dream.

The biggest problem I know of is that the compositor and applications tend to "Vsync" at different times which is what causes the stutter. I wonder why they can't just use the same timing source?

@HihiDanni Roman has a proposal out for reducing syncing issues on X11, but it's encountering some opposition:

@HihiDanni My understanding is that the compositor can't "just use vsync" because clients can submit new frames at any time they want, and there's no way to tell which clock they're using. Video players are usually bound to audio playback, videogames are vsync, and GUI apps usually render in response to user input.

@codewiz @HihiDanni I'm assuming this is the kind of thing that wouldn't be as much of an issue on wayland?

@tromino @HihiDanni The devs on that thread seem to imply so, but I'm not sure what KWin does when it's running as a Wayland compositor.

My impression is that animations with KWin in Wayland look the same of KWin in X11, while Gnome Shell in Wayland has slightly jerking animations... perhaps due to JavaScript's GC passes?

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