@pixelfed I'm waiting for something just like Google Photos to move my 80GB of photo albums to the fedi.


@hyde_stevenson @pixelfed Does it support federated sharing? (that is, share photo albums with users on other instances).

Previously, I was self-hosting photos on codewiz.org, but had to stop because there was no way to share photos of vacations and social events without giving all participants accounts on my website 😕

@hyde_stevenson This is the same sharing model I had originally in my wiki: everything's shared with the whole world. It works for selected photos, but doesn't cover friends who'd rather not have their face crawled by all search engines.

You can have a password protected directory for that ...

@codewiz @hyde_stevenson @pixelfed
I think it does to some extent, although not activitypub (that is still in early development):

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