@codewiz Yeah it's pleasant in a weird sorta way
I assume it's EM interference inducing current on the wires going to the speaker but I probably won't ever really know

Reminds me of when hard drives used to tick

@izaya now the only audible hint we have from laptops is the fan spinning up when somethings' burning too much cputime...

@izaya I miss the era of drive heads giving away when the nightly cronjobs have started...

@codewiz @izaya
I still hear my HDDs tick sometimes.
I guess it means they're fragmented as fuck :P

@codewiz @izaya yeah... I have a 60GB SSD in addition to 1TB HDD in one laptop, the other has only HDD.

Why would you want an SSD though. It's almost impossible to delete anything from an SSD....

@Wolf480pl @izaya Why would you want to delete data when you can simply forget the encryption password...

@codewiz @izaya
because I'm an imperfect human who cannot memorize 128 bits of random data, and uses a password weaker than that.So it may happen that the password will be guessable easier than I thought, or maybe I'll type it in the wrong place and it will be compromised.

Therefore I use LUKS, which uses PBKDF to derive encryption key from password and keyslots. And the keyslots are designed so that they can be easily destroyed when on HDD. But on SSD, you can't reliably destroy the keyslots.

@Wolf480pl That's right, but as @izaya points out, you can never be sure how an HDD erases blocks these days. For instance, it's well known that they have a bunch of hidden spares for when a track starts to have dangerously too many error bits... and once a track has been swapped, there's no way to reach the old copy other than (perhaps) wiping the internal bad block map with some proprietary command.

@codewiz @izaya
I think the odds are still much better than with an SSD.

@codewiz @izaya
on a serious note: I'm not strongly against SSDs, it's just that I haven't felt the need to replace all HDDs with them

@Wolf480pl @izaya On a laptop, I'd want SSD to save battery... but it's true that the cpu and the display take much more power than the hard drive even when idle...

@Wolf480pl @izaya Are you using the small SSD for the filesystem journal? On a laptop, I'd want my ~/.config, ~/.cache and ~/.local stored on SSD...

@codewiz @izaya
I'm using the SSD for root partition, and HDD for /home and /var.
This way, SSD is rarely written to.

@Wolf480pl @izaya Ah, in practice you can keep using SSDs drives normally for years without ever noticing a problem. In my personal experience, even the cheap Samsung EVO is way more reliable than 2.5" hard drives.

The desktop I'm typing on right now has an Intel SSD 320 from 2011 and an Intel SSD 520 from 2012 for root and home. These drives came from my old Thinkpads and were used every day heavily.

@codewiz @izaya
mine is a SanDisk, and I started using it 4 years ago, when SSDs were still a new thing and I had no idea how durable they are.

@codewiz @izaya
meanwhile my SSD:

5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct 0x0032 100 100 --- Old_age Always - 0

and my HDD for completeness' sake:

5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct 0x0033 100 100 005 Pre-fail Always - 0

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