18°C in the middle of July? In Tokyo? Fuck yeah!

@codewiz no this weather is horrible. Not even beach weather

@codewiz wait 18? Wow that's chilly. Here it's not break weather 😒. It's only like 30° but cloudy

@codewiz It has been crazy cool. And it rained about every day for the past, what, two months? If it switches back it the normal summer heat, our lack of acclimation will be tough! Was it just a couple years ago that temps of 40 were not crazy and we hardly got a drop of rain all spring?

@makuharigaijin I wouldn't know, I arrived in January 2018...

@makuharigaijin that incessant plum rain is such a mendokusai! I bought a new bicycle over one month ago and the tires are still new... And then it will get too hot! 😭
Maybe this coming weekend...

@codewiz Nice wheels! You don’t even need reflectors on that. Lol

@codewiz It’s unseasonably cool, and I love it! I could wear a light hoodie today.

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