Wow, Kdenlive is getting so many bugfixes lately... How usable is it in practice for simple video editing such as stitching together a few clips from a phone and adding captions or a sound track? That's all I need, really.

@codewiz I use Kdenlive and it works wonderfully for that purpose. It's a drag and drop process to get it done.

@xzenia Good, I'll give it another look.

In my past attempts, I'd always run into some bug that made it hard to accomplish much. Pitivi was a similar experience.

@codewiz I like Shotcut…😋 but I know you're a KDE person

@kai I'm not that loyal to KDE, really... I use whatever app works best, but both Pitivi and Kdenlive were less usable than ffmpeg from the command line 😩

Somehow I missed Shotcut, I'll give it a try!

@kai Wait a moment! Shotcut is also Qt-based... Kinda related to , I guess.

@codewiz the last time I tried it was still kinda janky and crashes from time to time. But it gets the job done as long as you save often enough.

@PeterCxy That was more or less my experience too, but now they seem to be on a bugfixing streak... They deserve a second chance!

@codewiz With your workflow, it will cause no issue! :o
I already did some stitching, adding a sound track with no issue at all.

Never added captions though.

@codewiz I use it for that sort of thing, seems to work quite well. As a complete novice I found it pretty easy to grasp and get into.

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