I just discovered that PwC, the accounting firm that helped me file taxes in Japan and US last year, has over 250,000 employees 😲

From the looks of their software, I imagined they would be a scrappy firm who can't afford to hire a decent frontend engineer 😅

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Moreover, PwC is just one of four big international accounting firms, three of which are in the UK. Together, these multinationals hire over 1 million employees just to tell people and companies how to fill in a bunch of tax forms 🤯

At ~$150k per employee, the world is sinking 150 billion dollars each year just because taxes are complicated... srsly?!?

@codewiz $150k per employee seems kinda steep to me, I mean I assume most of their employees are low level administrative flunkies making much less than that 🤷

But yeah, this sounds like a great example of regulatory capture. Though I guess the alternative is (more) widespread tax evasion and fraud. So I don't even know.

@allan The $150k figure comes from this table:

It's the average revenue per employee, rather than their compensation. I now realize that I could have just as easily added up the numbers in the first column to reach the same $150 bn estimate.

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