This is my 5000th post! 🎊

Thank you @angristan for creating, home to 14k users, and for being a dedicated, principled and professional sysadmin all this time.

Thank you @Gargron for creating Mastodon and for improving it day after day.

My first post was on January 16th 2018, 597 days ago, to keep in touch with friends as I was moving to Japan.

Since then, I posted an average of 8.4 times per day, to document the difficulties of starting a new life, learning to read again, and trying to make some new friends in Tokyo.

@angristan @Gargron

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Blogging daily here on Mastodon helped me reflect and find so many strangers who I now call friends.

So far, I met a small number of Mastodon friends irl: @molety in Nagoya, @dragfyre in Da Nang, @tootbrute in Taipei, @freakazoid and @vertigo in Mountain View.

And there's a prototype plan to organize a Mastodon meetup in Tokyo with @ashphy, @benoit, @angristan, @makuharigaijin later this fall. Can't wait!

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I'd like to thank the first 10 accounts I followed on Mastodon for filling my timeline with interesting posts since the beginning:


To all the other people I follow, thank you for sharing the best of yourself every day!

Your worst is also welcome: when you need to vent out, do it with your meta friends on Mastodon!

Finally, a special thank to all the people who have been following my posts until now, keeping me motivated to keep on tooting!

Long life and prosper! 🖖

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@codewiz @angristan @Greydus @ilwoody @lubimaer @alef @mk8 @mairin @jomo @lychee Thank you, too!! こちらこそ、ありがとう!and congratulations for your 5000 posts!! :blobreach:

@codewiz please keep on! I love all your posts, especially the ones with Japanese lifestyle 👍🎏 I’m just sorry from time to time I forget about all social networks XD otherwise I would probably be more active too

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