As a train approaches, sometimes the officer on the platform opens these secret console filled with buttons. What can they do from there, and why is it necessary only sometimes?

Seems to look a nice self destruction switch!

@Ethancdavenport I know, right? I could barely resist the urge to sneak behind that guy and press it to see what happens.

@codewiz control doors from outside, to make sure no one is tangling. train-pilot has same buttons, but can see less from just his mirror and cameras.

maybe bigger amount of people on platform is the reason manual observer is required?

Also closing the door faster because everyone has boarded and the train is a little late? :thinking_hard:

@dym You're probably right. Sometimes I wonder why we're throwing so much money into self-driving cars when we can't even do self-driving trains...

@codewiz as always, problem is not the self-driving, the problem is people.

@codewiz is he making a remix of the station jingle that plays? Loved those jingles.

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