"White House HR once tried to reject a candidate whose previous employer was Github because he didn’t specifically list experience with version control on his resume." 😂


Interviewing for Harvard sysadm position:

HR: Mr. Hardy, why are you here?

I'm interviewing for the storage position.

I don't understand why you are here when you aren't qualified, You should not have been interviewed.


The requirement is for UNIX. Your resume does not say UNIX anywhere.

It says DGUX, SunOS, Solaris, HPUX, NextStep, BSD, Linux, ATT SysVr4... those are all kinds of UNIX.

The HR person went over the Director's head to to insure I wouldn't be hired. *facepalm*


I tried to explain that UNIX is a generic term and that each manufacturer's product had a different trade name but she turned her head away and would not look at me. I asked her then, how long is this interview scheduled for--half hour--so I sat there in her office looking directly at her while she tried to ignore me for another 25 minutes. 25... very... long... minutes. :D

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