How does Clear Linux manage to speedup a web browser by such a large factor compared to Ubuntu?

@espectalll Would be good to see a performance comparison between Clear Linux another up-to-date rolling distro, like Arch.

@espectalll I gave Clear Linuxn a try some time ago, and the package management is... interesting.

@espectalll I'd like to take Clear Linux for a road test on my laptop but currently I have no space to add yet another distro, lol :-)

@codewiz They tune everything for Intel CPUs. Software is build with a recent GCC with optimisations enabled for modern Intel CPUs. The drawback is that it’s less compatible that Ubuntu. The Clear installer has does a compatibility check before proceeding to make sure it will run on the target machine.

Clear Linux OS is highly tuned for Intel platforms Clear Linux OS optimizes across the whole stack: the platform, kernel, math libraries, middleware layers, frameworks, and runtime.

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