@codewiz I'm a little disappointed. I'm in Oji, and I didn't feel the earthquake. On top of that the typhoon is just rainy weather and a bit of wind up here.

@rune @codewiz I'm in Shimokitazawa, did not feel the earthquake either. Parts of Tokyo had evacuations apparently. crisis.yahoo.co.jp/evacuation/

@globalc @rune
Wow, Minato-ku, the ward of Tokyo in which I live, has a Twitter account in *English* with emergency advisories.


@codewiz @globalc nice, most info we got digitally was in Japanese or from unofficial English sources.

We were lucky to have super helpful and friendly hotel staff keeping us up to date.

Ended up having a cozy evening making takoyaki in the common room with staff and other guests.


@rune @globalc what are you doing in Oji? There's a nice Inari shrine there...

@codewiz just being a tourist. We went Kyoto > Hiroshima > Himeji > Tokyo and then Osaka tomorrow.

Lots of excuses to use shinkansen 😁

@rune When you have a JR Pass, you can take it like the bus 🙂

@codewiz best investment of the trip. We have it for the full stay in Tokyo plus the shinkansen rides.. So we've been taking JR trains everywhere 😁

@codewiz i discovered that the shrine is 180 meters from the hotel. It's semi open at night and looks good 😂

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