KDE's mime management is totally messed up.
.xlxs is opened by ark.
.js is opened by default image viewer
.html is opened by Inkscape.


@EdwardTorvalds I just tried xdg-open on an html file, and it opened in Chrome, while a .js file opened in Kate. Same in Dolphin.

Dolphin 19.08.2
Plasma 5.16.90
KDE Frameworks 5.63.0
Qt 5.14.0

@EdwardTorvalds Create a new user and login with it. If it's messed up there too, your distro has an issue. If it works fine, then your home as an issue. Start deleting (or renaming) stuff under ~/.cache, ~/.local or ~/.config until you find the culprit.

I'd begin with .config/mimeapps.list...

@codewiz I tried deleting .config/mimeapps.list, but it did not solve the problem. Also I don't have time to mess with my system anymore, I just want it to work like magic.

@EdwardTorvalds @codewiz defaults in KDE aren't the problem -- it's "wtf went wrong and how do I change it?" Sometimes I get wedged and Qt programs on non-KDE desktops refuse to open http links in my preferred browser.

I wish there was ONE standard way that worked consistently, for Linux desktop apps to launch URLs and files, or find out what is responsible for handling them.

@progo @EdwardTorvalds This is happening to me right now: http links don't open, image previews don't show...

I believe it's because I updated various KDE packages without rebooting.

We ridicule Windows for the many restarts, but Linux distros silently break desktop apps in confusing ways.

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