@fdroidorg What's the best way to transfer *all* installed apps to a new phone?

If I use the initial setup process to copy data from an old phone, all apps are re-installed from Play Store, and since the release keys differ, all data is lost 😟

@codewiz @fdroidorg when I moved to new phone, I executed the way of data transfer per each app. 🤔

@mayuutann @fdroidorg but did you have to install the apps one by one? I have many...

@codewiz @fdroidorg almost apps use google acount. Usually I just log in to my account and the data goes back. Otherwise, I follow the instructions for each app. :ablobowo:

adb backup lets you backup app data to a computer using the internal android stuff same as Google Backups use.

Safest to backup each app individually (dont bother with the apk)

Need to install the app again before restoring the backup.

There is also a decent non Google backup app, which is getting nice improvements, but it needs to be built into the android, a few will get it soon hopefully

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