Fedora 31 is just too stable. So boring.

@codewiz Then combine it with something new.. I took Fed31 as an opportunity to look at a new window manager, #sway . Looks good so far!

@globalc Ah, yes! I've been meaning to try Sway, but little bugs in Wayland *applications* keep me from staying.

@codewiz That's true, there still some small annoying things..

@globalc I've been filing Wayland bugs left and right, mostly in KDE though. But many of these are really Qt bugs.

@globalc I mean, Firefox is almost unusable with MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 😞

@codewiz I did not get ibus running so far, which comes with mozc. fcitx4 runs, but mozc is not packaged.. and I did not want it enough to compile mozc so far. Reason for fcitx-mozc missing is apparently that upstream also does not have it, so the fcitx maintainer fears that each fcitx or mozc update will bring pain.

@globalc I used mozc with ibus-mozc, and both are launched by /usr/libexec/imsettings-daemon, which in turn is part of the systemd user session (perhaps via /etc/xdg/autostart/imsettings-start.desktop, I'm not sure these days)

@codewiz Ah, I had not executed /usr/libexec/imsettings-daemon, just ibus-daemon (and then tried to run ibus-wayland). Will give that a try. My i18n colleagues are actually quite confident on the ibus/wayland implementation, but have not tried with sway.

@globalc In Gnome, the UI for ibus comes directly from gnome-shell (I believe). When I use ibus from the KDE Plasma Wayland session, sometimes the list of kanji completions pops up in the wrong place, far from the cursor.

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