@codewiz @anarchistmae You just have to do something against a peacefully running system, eh? ;)

@globalc @[email protected] I can't report bugs upstream if the code I'm running is not current 🙂

@globalc @[email protected] Due to rpmfusion, I ended up having to do this to prepare for the upgrade:

dnf update --nogpgcheck --enablerepo=rawhide --enablerepo=rpmfusion-free-rawhide --enablerepo=rpmfusion-nonfree-rawhide --best --allowerasing fedora-release fedora-gpg-keys

@codewiz @anarchistmae Nice! All boring here, just got settled with sway now this week, customizing the menu bar, deciding to go with 'terminator' for now after years of xterm.

@globalc @[email protected] I've been on Terminator for years, but development halted, so I switched to Tilix, and then Konsole. All three have equivalent tiling features but, annoyingly, the default keyboard shortcuts are all different.

Instead of re-learning, I customized the keys for vertical and horizontal split to match Terminator: ctrl-shift-E and ctrl-shift-O.

@codewiz @anarchistmae With my current workflow, I am just running multiple terminals in sway, sizing of terminals is useful with the defaults (after selecting vertical or horizontal), and can then be modified.

@globalc @[email protected] Then why do you still need Terminator? Gnome Terminal is also based on libvte, and doesn't require Python.

@codewiz Last time I tried gnome terminal, it felt slow to start, and had a magnitude more file opens than xterm. I might look again. No pain with terminator either at the moment.

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