@Antanicus Yes, it was an A380-800 with the fancy first class cabins of Singapore Airlines (but I was flying economy, and I tend to avoid luxury on principle).


@codewiz man, I wish I could affort saying "I avoid luxury on principle" LOL I avoid luxury because I can barely afford economy :D

Fantastic plane tho, I hope I'll get to experience it at least once in the future

@Antanicus omg, I reek of privilege so much that I can't even smell it any more 🤦‍♂️

Do you know what's up with the flaps coming out from the front of the wing? First time I notice it on a plane.

@codewiz what a machine... Landing a beast like that must be scary business

@Antanicus These guys don't seem scared at all, it lands almost on its own 😃


@Antanicus Ah, found the explanation for the front flaps:

"Their mùain putpose [sic] is to re-energize the airflow over the upper wing surface, making the boundary layer stick to it, hence helping the slotted trailing edge flaps to generate more lift from a smoother - i.e less turbulent - airflow."


@codewiz it's even more impressive at night when you can see the lights in formation all the way to the horizon

@WanderingBeekeeper Wasn't Singapore the busiest port in the world? Or is it HK?

@codewiz Shanghai according to my web search, it passed both Singapore and Hong Kong both by cargo tonnage and container volume.

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