Today I'm spending some time trying to understand the Japanese national pension system :blobsweat:

Surprisingly everything about Japan's national pension is clearly explained in English, and there are even pamphlets in various languages:

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I wish I could say the same of the Italian National Pension System (INPS).

I paid contributions for about 9 years, and now the funds are locked and I can't figure out how to move them to either the US or Japan...

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The US Social Security also took over $100k in payments from my payroll, but there's no obvious way to cash out or move the money to another country in case you leave.

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@codewiz Same for me in the Swedish system. Also, my eployers did payments into various private pension funds, most of which I have no idea which companies handled it so it's unlikely I'll be able to get to that money.


Italian National Pension System = INPS!

According to Fantozzi, a popular italian comedian hero of the 70s-80s, it was:
Italian National Parasite System

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