Linux distros ranked by number of subreddit subscribers:

r/Ubuntu: 135k
r/archlinux: 115k
r/linuxmint: 39.9k
r/debian: 36k
r/Fedora: 30.1k
r/ManjaroLinux: 24.7k
r/redhat: 15.9k
r/elementaryos: 15.6k
r/CentOS: 11.9k
r/openSUSE: 9.3k
r/trisquel: 716
r/AlpineLinux: 535
r/ClearLinux: 469

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Not trying to prove anything with this, you can interpret the data any way you like.

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@codewiz Still far more accurate than the curiosity ranking on DistroWatch…

@TritTriton Haha, I know! I went to check DistroWatch for a list of distros to check on Reddit, and #1 was a distro from Greece I had never heard of 😂

@angristan I was _sure_ I missed someone's favorite 😅

@codewiz should be noted that r/linux itself has something like 467k subscribers

r/raspberry_pi has like 1.6 million but it's impossible to know how many of those people are actually using linux because they want to, looks like it's predominantly a "look at the cool thing I did with tiny hardware" show and tell space


Incomplete list ... missing my distro of choice, Pop!_OS, with 10+k subscribers.

Also, Kali (10k), Solus (7k), Void (3k) ...

I'm sure there're others, too ... it's probably actually a fairly good "popularity" test, but should try to get all the distros. Otherwise, it seems biased.

@nattiegoogie It's indeed biased towards the distros that occurred to me while compiling the list 😅

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