Today I Learned That Not Everyone Has An Internal Monologue And It Has Ruined My Day.

And you? Do you experience an internal monologue?

@codewiz I literally cannot think without forging an internal debate with myself. I thought everybody were like this...

@codewiz also the language of the monologue changes depending on the topic, and sometimes I don't even notice. Like, if I'm programming, then the monologue is mostly in English; while if I'm thinking about more cultural stuff, it would be my mother tongue, Chinese; and when I'm doing weeeeby stuff, it's Japanese...

@PeterCxy I thought so too, but years ago a friend with a math degree told me that he thinks only in abstract terms, and even while reading he doesn't verbalize the words inside his mind.

Funny how this same friends also seems to believe that all humans can memorize things simply by... wanting to memorize them. Mnemonic tricks are supposedly a waste of time.

@codewiz How do I tell them that due to the unfreezing process that I have no inner monologue?

@codewiz the weird thing is my internal monologue changed from my mother tounge to English around the age of 16

@codewiz For me is like... it mostly depends on what I'm doing. If the activity is more process driven or structured, then there's a monologue, mainly. But if it's more a creative task, then the abstract emerges. While playing with the medium, suddenly vague notions pop in, like sensations, and then I consciously try to "find it" in my "culture dictionary", making several approaches to convey it.

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