Good Morning! Took a day off yesterday and watched a few movies. Feeling recharged now 😎

@dansup Which ones? I wanted to watch a good sci-fi movie on the plane, but recently they're all big CG budgets, but no budget for hiring a good writer.

@dansup I tried Ad Astra, disregsrding the low rating on IMDB, but I had to stop watching when the moon pirates arrived and started a car chase with guns 🤦‍♂️

@dansup Sorry for the spoiler, but trust me, you don't want to watch this movie anyway.

@codewiz I watched it, was disappointed with the ending


@dansup Recent sci-fi movies are all blockbusters... Where is the hard sci-fi for us nerds?

@dansup You gotta scroll down a bit to find some good titles, all from a few years ago...

@dansup Did Hollywood figure that people just want to be entertained? And if your plot gets too brainy, you lose a big segment of the market...

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