@codewiz guess the US is stuck with Sanders or Trump huh

@codewiz He kept asking for money and I kept donating 😅

next time I need to set a budget and then stop 💸

@kai He said he can't keep accepting donations given that he's sure he won't win. Then... is he going to return the unspent funds? Transfer the lump sum to another candidate? Donate it?

@codewiz I don't expect anything back. I imagine the funds are mostly spent anyway 😅

@codewiz Oh shit! His positive attitude and advocacy for universal basic income made him stand out from all the Democratic presidential candidates.

@codewiz Yes, and more will follow. Who do you think will win the "diversity states" (Nevada and South Carolina) now, Bernie or Buttigieg?

@tagomago I haven't been following the US campaign so closely.

@tagomago My main source of political news is comedians: Seth Meyers, Noah Trevor, John Oliver, Jonathan Pie... 😂

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