I saw that my friend's laptop running 19.10 had port 8084 open, so I got curious and found that he had mono-xsp4 installed as a transitive dependency of , which is written in C#.

Where should I report this? Think of the children! 😱

@codewiz so you're that kind of guy nmaping every LAN you are in? 😁

@benoit Yes, since when I was dialing up with ppp.

@codewiz Also, I checked the .deb, it has no mono requirements at all.

@ndegruchy My mistake, it wasn't Minecraft. Mono was probably installed by Lutris.

My friend isn't a developer and uses Plasma Discover to install end-user apps.

@codewiz Minecraft is C#? I could've sworn it was a Java thing.

@john uh, sorry. It has nothing to do with Minecraft. Perhaps a dependency of Lutris then.

@codewiz I wonder why ufw doesn't take care of that?

@sheogorath I checked: ufw is installed, and the service is enabled & started, but "iptables -L" shows no rules, and port 8084 was really remotely accessible.


tfw Debian and its derivatives enable systemd services on install

@cuniculus it's really wrong default for a desktop system, particularly when the service is pulled in as an optional dependency of something else.

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