@sohkamyung, have you noticed the gray bird sitting in front of a flower near the top?

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@codewiz Now that you mention it, I see it. But I'm not familiar with it, unfortunately.

Have a good trip and stay healthy.

@sohkamyung Ah, too bad! I wanted to ask you if you could identify it. The place is Koh Samui, so it might be a species you can find in Singapore.

@codewiz I can recognise the more common birds in the region, but not all, sadly. 🙂

@codewiz Some people have amazing bird recognition skills, though. Like this one:

“He has an astounding gift, in being able to identify birds in the wild based on the tiniest fragment of song or briefest swoosh through the forest,” says Gretchen, a longtime friend and colleague of Jim’s. Jim is an expert ornithologist and bird naturalist, as well as a leading bird authority in Costa Rica."


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